Human Resource Managment System

We are implementation partners of HRMS system which help an organization perform and automate its HR function right from Hiring, Salary Management, Career Growth, Leave and other activities related with HR function.

Hospital Information system

We have an in house Hospital Information system which manages the complete process of a patient admission in to an hospital till its discharge This product is available in Desktop and Web based version both. We have implemented this products in to few reputed hospitals in and around state of Madhya pradesh.

School Information system

We have an in house build school information system which manager the complete process of students intake, to fee payment, courses studied, attendance and marks and report distribution. This software also take care of Faculty payments and inventory related activities.

Asset Management Software

Manages the hardware and software assets within an organisation which could be Hardware or Software, this application has the capability to use bar codes, and QR codes to track the asset much like a library system which manages the inventory of books in a educational institute.

Dealer Management System

We also have a Dealer management system which manages the complete activities for a dealer. This products is irrespective of product or Industry.

Vehicle Parking Management System

We have built our own vehicle parking management system which uses intelligent algorithm to calculate the easiest parking lot and prevents much costlier option available in the market to reduce the manpower and add simplicity to the whole vehicle parking management solution

Online Exam System

Unlike the traditional paper-pencil based test which is generally offered on a single day to all candidates, candidate sits in front of a computer at the examination centre and the questions are presented on the computer monitor and the candidate answers the questions on the computer through the use of mouse.

Call Center Management

One of the biggest issues of call center management is how to meet or exceed service levels while controlling payroll costs. More accurate forecasting, flexible scheduling and real-time adherence will make your daily call center management more effective by avoiding under or over staffing and ensuring agents are working when they are needed, directly resulting in improved service levels.

Enquiry Management System

Enquiry Management System or EMS is a software solution to overcome the complications that many businesses face in keeping track of the enquiries or leads. The main problem that many companies face is in the enquiry registration and the follow-up process that gets missed or not responded due to lack of a good enquiry management system. This software works the same way as a Lead Management System. The EMS has been developed after a lot of research and analysis to provide a solution and overcome all the issues and to make sure our client’s business runs smoothly and effectively and with good returns. It has been developed considering all the procedures and rules that need to be followed to keep track of all the enquiries and to avoid losing any business.